1930-1931 Model A Hinges With Pins Custom

1930-1931 Model A Door Hinges w/ Custom PinsThese door hinges were reverse engineered from stock hinges. We machined them out of solid steel, so they are much higher quality than cast hinges. Not to mention, they are steel, not bronze. Oilite bushings have been added to the inner hinge piece to give a smooth swing to the door and increase the durability of the hinge. The Traditional set does not have bushings. These hinges come with a sandblasted finish so they can be painted, or left as is to get a rusty patina. The pins are made of stainless steel and are a smooth press fit which is much better than the knurled aftermarket pins you can buy. The holes are drilled in the stock locations and sizes.

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Price: $385.00

Purchase 1930-1931 Model A Door Hinges w/ Custom Pins